Premium Voice Service

Premium Voice is a Quality focused product from Gilgal Voice which provides you with the highest quality voice termination via VoIP/TDM direct routes and selected suppliers, with a higher Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER). This product by Gilgal Voice is mostly used by Fixed/ Mobile Operators Retail / Calling Card Operators, PTTs, and MVNO's, who needs best possible quality (International Roaming and CLI).
Standard Voice Service

Standard Voice is a blend designed by Gilgal Voice for companies who are looking for premium like quality as well as wholesale like price, it delivers end-to-end international coverage to more than 1,500 destinations, including more than 700 fixed and mobile routes that are selected and dynamically managed to provide stability and voice quality for retail operators , Hubbing Traffic for Mobile Operators and consumer voice-over-broadband (VoBB) providers.

Designed mainly for cost-driven retail, calling card, and business carriers. Standard Voice service features our direct routes over 100 countries and we offers a targeted coverage at our most insistent pricing.
Wholesale Voice Service

Wholesale Voice service from Gilgal Voice is the most insistent service from us.

It is a product with which we offer maximum number of our routes to customers which can bring price advantage to them. It constitutes our direct/indirect wholesale VoIP routes, Direct Termination Providers, Carrier Partners, Mobile Operators on TDM, whom so ever bringing price advantage to us is been used in this product.

Wholesale Voice service offers global voice termination to service providers and carriers that require wide coverage and slight variation in quality.
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